Supplying rough diamonds to the world market.


Diamond Trading

World’s proudest single source of rough diamonds

SDIT is amongst the world’s leading diamantaires. Our clients take full advantage of our global sales and marketing plans with the ultimate goal to drive consumer satisfaction for trade industry worldwide.

SDI Foundation | Our love & our passion for diamonds reflects in our commitment to our communities.

Rebuilding our Community from within!
Infrastructure is a key element in the success of any nation.
From roads and waterworks to industrial parks and residential areas, it is important to develop quality and safe structures in order to maintain and advance a society.

Diamond Mining

We extract our Diamonds and other precious and semi-precious gemstones using five basic mining techniques. The principle methods of diamond extraction are:

    • Artisanal Mining
    • Hard Rock Mining
    • Marine Mining
    • Open Pit Mining
    • Placer Mining
  •  Rare Gems
  •  Rough Diamonds
  • Mining Technology
  • Sorting & Sifting
  • Always up to date

SDI Inventory

SDI Diamond provides thousands of carats of rough and polished goods.

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Delivering enterprise-level rare quality diamonds, backed by a name you can trust.

Support and Documentation

Our primary goal is to provide quality service that demonstrates to others in the industry to build and give back from where one takes. We will continue to listen to the needs of the community and to apply major consideration in everything we do.

International Services

Respected servicing companies worldwide.
SDI Trading Services is licensed to trade and provide strategic, technical and logistic support worldwide. Agencies supply supporting official documentations to establish and provide us with the appropriate forms and safe-keeping documents.

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Strategic Services

Strategic planning and investments.
SDI Trading Services is licensed to trade and provide strategic, technical and logistic support worldwide. The SDI facilities integrates the trading of diamonds, precious gems, gold and other precious metals, cutting, refining, manufacturing and support services such as finance management, logistics and insurance.
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Logistics Services

Secure courier delivery service of all products.
The logistics services of D&D, Brinks and various couriers will meet and extend their global network of offices to continue their dominant marketshare of the world’s valuables transport business.
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About SDI Foundation

We develop our relationships from the ground up and throughout the world!!!

SDIF is concerned with the development of the environmental infrastructure and the development of our communities. The future is built upon our past and present achievements committed to building a bright future.

Strategic Mission of Philanthropy

The SDIF Philanthropy Sector is a specialist consultancy division which works on providing strategies with communities, cultural and education institutions to improve their income through management funding.
Our philanthropic approach is to develop a clear strategy for giving with integrated impact review of funded projects.
For charities our approach is to focus on high value fundraising and to maximise income through major gifts, board level fundraising and latest trends in philanthropy.
SDIF is making a difference and saving lives. The mission of SDIF is to provide clean water, educational and employment opportunities, health care, environmental improvements, recreational services, transportation, economical development, immigration and integration services for persons of African descent or those supportive of the people of Africa including forming fundraising boards, private sector fundraising, securing donations and sponsorship and business planning, change management, communications and positioning essential to raising funds.



We are recognized internationally as a prominent diamond trading company with operations in Africa, America, Europe, Asia and Middle East utilizing the Kimberly Process Certifications..

Why choose us?

  • Based and accredited in South Africa with offices worldwide
  • Recognized internationally as a prominent trading company
  • Operations in Africa, America, Europe, Asia and Middle East
  • Developed a global diamond mining company in Guinea
  • Unique and colorful rough diamonds of multiple sizes
  • Premium quality and large quantities
  • Certified Diamonds
  • 100% Translation & Multilingual Ready

I have known the SDI team and the diamonds that they supply us with makes our clients keep coming back for more…”

by: Marvin Weiss, New York

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– zipbasket on


Perfect mining location!

“We strongly believe we have the right place and it is continuously proven to be the miracle grounds as during countless explorations we encounter findings such as the 471ct diamond…”
– by Moussa – Jan. 2008

50.66 ct Pink Diamond

“This beautiful pink beauty. This magnificent piece is worth every penny of your investment…. !”
– by Everard Davis – Jan. 2008
Pink Diamond

Nino Bianco

“Sylla, this unique diamond is one-of-a-kind, and should remain exactly as it is…50.66ct… ”
– Nino Bianco Nov. 2008
50.66 ct Pink Diamond


Signs from our mining areas strongly suggest that the 100.30 CT pink rough was discovered in an area that KING SOLOMON frequented regularly.
“The legend of Solomon’s remains was known to have hidden and deposited his finding in many locations throughout Africa in remote areas including Sylla Mousa’s mining area.”Minister of Mines

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